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So I'm sat here watching Steviet7 on Blogtv waiting for Torchwood Children Of Earth to start in 40 min and i thought that it would be a good time to make a new blog post. I bought the Fifth Element on DVD from Asda yesterday for a really good price of £4, its one of my fave films of all time one of Bruce Willis's best works I think. Now I come to think of it i may watch it again tomorrow and take notes on it for my Teamcraztrain movie review week. Speeking of Teamcrazytrain the TCT website is almost up and running and i thin that you will all be pleased with it. Fina;ly I am going to dump my GPXplus eggs on you, I had a good day in GPXPlus land today i finally evolved my Croagunk to a Toxicroak and i got a Phione egg ^__^ Wooo.

Woot Heart Gold Soul Silver Here I Come :P

Well today the official Japanese Pokemon website released a new trailer for Heart Gold Soul Silver. All i can say is OMFG!!!!!!!!! This looks so fucking awesome i cant wait till its released on September the 12th. I placed my pre-order for a Japanese Soul Silver from Play-Asia.com about an hour ago for a respectical price of £36 which i think is a fair price as DS games usually cost about £30 here in England so i wasn't that bother to pay an extra £6 which would cover import charges and first class post. Well that's it for my first post lets hope i can keep this up and up date regularly im going to leave you now with the trailer and my GPXplus eggs which i hope you will all warm up for me :P